Exhibiting Companies and Associations at the WC8
(Room: Hochelaga 1-3)

American Society for Cellular and Computational Toxicology
Andrew Knight, Oxord Centre for Animal Ethics
Biopredic International
Biopta Ltd
Biosafety Research Center
Canadian Council on Animal Care
CeeTox, Inc.
Cefic LRI
Cell Systems
Center for Alternatives to Animal Testing
ChanTest Corporation
Cultex Laboratories GmbH
Epithelix Sàrl
Humane Society of the United States
In Vitro Testing Industrial Platform
InSphero AG
Institute for In Vitro Sciences, Inc.
Japanese Society for Alternative to Animal Experiments
Johns Hopkins Center for Alternatives to Animal Testing
Johnson & Johnson
Laboratory Animals Limited
9th World Congress
ParaTechs Corporation
Thermo Fisher Scientific
Vitrocell Systems


Multimedia Exhibition of Alternatives in Education and Training
(Room: Saint Maurice)

The WC8 is pleased to announce that co-organizers InterNICHE & Animalearn will be providing a Multimedia Exhibition of Alternatives in Education and Training throughout the event.

The Multimedia Exhibition is open to all registrants of the WC8.


InterNICHEInterNICHE, the International Network for Humane Education, works with teachers and trainers to replace harmful animal use and with students to support access to best practice learning methods. Animalearn, the education division of The American Anti-Vivisection Society (AAVS), works with educators, students and others to achieve quality humane science education while replacing animal experiments.

The Multimedia Exhibition will offer a program of demonstrations in selected exemplary replacement methods, and access to a wide range of non-animal tools for delegates to trial at leisure during the Congress. Many items can also be borrowed for use after the event.

AnimalearnThe alternatives provided are held in the InterNICHE Alternatives Loan System and Animalearn's The Science Bank loan program. The InterNICHE Alternatives Loan System is a worldwide library of software, training mannikins and simulators. Animalearn's The Science Bank is a North American based free loan program of over 500 CD ROMs, mannikins, simulators, and ethically sourced animal specimens.

The alternatives will be available at workstations corresponding to disciplines such as Anatomy, Anaesthesia & Critical Care, Clinical Skills & Surgery, Physiology and Pharmacology.

2011 WC*Alternatives will include Critical Care Jerry, a canine mannikin with heart and breath sounds simulation for veterinary clinical skills training; spay and neuter mannikins for simulating surgeries; ethically sourced plastinated specimens from client-donated cadaver programs; the Pulsating Organ Perfusion (POP) trainer for live laparoscopic surgery training using ethically sourced animal organs; advanced virtual reality (VR) software for surgical skills practice; the Biopac Student Lab for physiology self-experimentation; and a wide range of other models, mannikins, simulators and software alternatives.

Access to on-line alternatives and to databases of alternatives within education and training will also be provided.

Selected items from the Multimedia Exhibition can be reserved during the Congress, and, subject to the signing of a Borrowers Agreement, can be borrowed at the end of the event. A range of literature and freeware will also be available for reference and to take away.

Questions and comments on the Multimedia Exhibition should be directed to InterNICHE Co-ordinator Nick Jukes at: coordinator@interniche.org or Laura Ducceschi, Director of Animalearn at: lducceschi@animalearn.org