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The 8th World Congress on Alternatives and Animal Use in the Life Sciences will be held at:

900 René Lévesque Blvd. W
Montréal, Québec
H3B 4A5
1 (866) 540-4483

At the center of Montréal's vibrant cultural and commercial district sits the city's grandest and most gracious hotel - Fairmont The Queen Elizabeth. Located above the train station (Via Rail & AMTRAK) and connected to the extensive underground city of thousands of boutiques, restaurants and cafés, and within walking distance of sports and cultural attractions, this Montréal hotel reflects the city’s distinct elegance and charm.

It is rare indeed, for a hotel to be celebrated internationally, but even rarer for it to attain a world-class reputation right from the beginning. From the moment this luxury hotel in Montréal opened its doors in 1958, Fairmont The Queen Elizabeth has welcomed queens, princes and princesses, heads of state and international business leaders.

Political dignitaries include the Queen Mother, Queen Elizabeth II and the Duke of Edinburgh, Prince Charles, General Charles de Gaulle, former Prime Minister Indira Gandhi of India, Zhao Ziyang of China, His Highness Felipe of Spain, Jacques Chirac, Nelson Mandela, the Dalai Lama, Mikhail Gorbachev, President Jimmy Carter and Henry Kissinger. The celebrity guest list covers Perry Como, Harry Belafonte, Joan Crawford, John Travolta, Mikhail Baryshnikov, Louis Malle and, perhaps most famous of all, John Lennon, who held his famous 'bed-in' in 1969 in Suite 1742, where the song Give Peace a Chance was written and recorded.

Fairmont The Queen Elizabeth hotel in Montréal was chosen as the headquarters for the 1976 International Olympic Games, and, during Expo '67, fifty of the sixty visiting heads of state stayed in its luxurious suites.

Travel time to Montréal-Trudeau Airport : 20 minutes

Montréal is often described as a Parisian New York or vice versa, but instead it is a spirited, bold and complex mix of contrasts that completely defies comparison. Montréal’s renowned duality of Old World charm infused with North American energy lies at its very heart; however, it is the plurality of cultures that really makes this metropolis tick.

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A shutterbug’s dream, you could snap away at warp speed and capture a new story with every click. It doesn’t matter where you go on the island; every neighborhood is different. Montréal is as romantically traditional as it is cutting-edge innovative, as cosmopolitan dynamic as it is small-town friendly. Yet despite this diversity, an underlying homogeneity exists in this vibrant population who collectively and confidently “live and let live”—and do it well.

After spending some time here, you’ll notice that without the complex mix of flavours—ethnicity, culture, language, ideas, cuisine, you name it—warm camaraderie and sheer joie de vivre, anywhere else just seems bland.

For information on Société de Transport de Montréal (STM) transit routes and schedules, please visit

French and English. French is the official language of Québec, but the majority of people in Montréal are bilingual.

In August, the climate is very pleasant in Montréal, with a mean temperature of 26.3 °C (max. 34.2 °C and min. 18.3°C) and a mean relative humidity of 58%.

Casual wear is acceptable most of the time. Some Montréal establishments (nightclubs and bars) have a 'no jeans, no running shoes policy,' and certain dining rooms require men to wear jackets to dinner.

All major credit cards are widely accepted throughout Montréal and Canada. Bank machines can be found everywhere and debit cards are also widely used. If you are using a foreign card at a bank machine, your money will be disbursed in Canadian funds.

Financial institutions will provide a credible rate of exchange when switching your currency for Canadian dollars.

110 Volts, 60 cycles AC

For detailed information on Canada's entry requirements, please refer to the Government of Canada’s website for more information.

Entry into the United States
As of January 23, 2007, travelers to and from Canada, Mexico, Central and South America, the Caribbean, and Bermuda will be required to have a passport or other secure, accepted document to enter or re-enter the United States. For more information, visit the US Department of State's travel website.

Please visit the Canada Revenue Agency to learn more about the Foreign Convention and Tour Incentive Program website.
For more information:

  • Call 1 (800) 668-4748 (within Canada)
  • Call 1 (902) 432-5608 (outside of Canada)
  • Email your inquiries

It is recommended that visitors to Canada obtain traveler's health insurance before leaving their country because health insurance plans often do not extend coverage for services received outside the country of residence.
Visitors may find that they have either no health insurance or that they have inadequate coverage once in Canada. Visitors taking medicine prescribed by a doctor should bring a copy of the prescription, in case it needs to be renewed by a doctor in Canada.

Canadian customs brokers or a Canada Customs office can provide information on transportation companies that offer efficient service for time-sensitive meeting materials or exhibit goods.

Canada has six time zones: Newfoundland (3.5 hours behind Greenwich Mean Time), Atlantic (4 hours behind Greenwich Mean Time), Eastern (5 hours behind Greenwich Mean Time), Central (6 hours behind Greenwich Mean Time), Mountain (7 hours behind Greenwich Mean Time) and Pacific (8 hours behind Greenwich Mean Time). Montréal is located in the Eastern time zone.

Tips, gratuities or service charges are not usually automatically added to a bill in Canada. In general, a tip of up to 15% of the sub-total (before taxes) is given. This applies to waiters, waitresses, barbers and hairdressers, taxi drivers, etc. At hotels, airports and railway stations, bellhops, doormen, redcaps (porters), etc. are generally paid $1-$2 per item of luggage.

Canadian tap water is among the cleanest in the world and is very safe to drink.


Shopping-St. Catherine Street
St. Catherine Street is located two blocks north of the hotel and is one of the best-known streets in Montréal. Situated in the hub of the city, it is accessible from the hotel by the underground passage. The following shopping outlets and services are all within walking distance from the Fairmont Queen Elizabeth:

  • Place Ville Marie
  • Eaton Centre
  • Montréal Trust Shopping Centre
  • Promenades de la Cathédral Shopping Centre
  • Complexe Les Ailes
  • La Baie Department Store
  • Birks Jewelers
  • Les Cours Mont-Royal
  • Ogilvy
  • Holt Renfrew

Local Attractions and Sightseeing

Botanical Garden and Insectarium
Montréal's Botanical Garden is the second largest botanical garden in the world. It features plant and animal species from all over the planet. The Insectarium is a section of the Botanical Gardens with a butterfly pavilion, and a collection of 25,000 insects on display. The Botanical Garden is located 10 minutes away by walking from the Fairmont Queen Elizabeth.
For more information: The Botanical Garden Tel: (514) 868-3000.

Bell Centre (Le Centre Bell)
The Bell Centre is home to the National Hockey League's Montréal Canadiens. It is a five minute walk from the hotel. Le Centre Bell offers guided tours.

Hours of guided tours:
In French: 9:45 a.m. and 1:15 p.m.
In English: 11:15 a.m. and 2:45 p.m.

Adults: $8.00
Seniors: $6.00
Students 6 to 17 years old: $6.00
Children 5 and under: free
For more information: Bell Centre (Le Centre Bell)

Six Flags La Ronde Amusement Park
The Park features 35 different rides, with something for every member of the family. The park is located on Ile-Ste Hélène, about a 15 minute drive from the Fairmont Queen Elizabeth. It is also accessible via subway. It is open from mid-May to September. For more information: Six Flags La Ronde Amusement Park tel: 1 800 797-4537 or 514 872-4537.

Montréal Casino
The Montréal Casino is one of the largest casinos in the world. It captures all the excitement, all the drama, all the international allure of the world class city that is its home: Montréal. Likewise, the Casino spares no effort to ensure you the thrill of a lifetime and unforgettable memories. For more information: Montréal Casino

Mount Royal
Mount Royal is a small mountain and park overlooking the city, which offers great views from several scenic points. Those who enjoy strolling in nature will appreciate Mount Royal's many paths. Bird watching is possible at the bird sanctuary. It is also the home of the Université de Montréal, the second largest French-language university in the world. On top of the mountain, St. Joseph’s Oratory of Mount Royal, is worth visiting.

Old Montréal
Discover the city's oldest district with its wealth of history and architecture unique in North America, a variety of museums, boutiques, art galleries and restaurants. Other Montréal sightseeing opportunities and attractions in the old port include: IMAX (3-D movies on a giant screen), bateau mouche cruises, and the site of several summer and winter festivals. There's also the SOS Labyrinth (Mayaventura) which is great for kids, cycling and rollerblading. As well, the Lachine Canal with its 8.7 miles (14 km) of recreational paths. Old Montréal is located about five minutes walk from the Fairmont Queen Elizabeth. For information: Old Montréal

Olympic Stadium
Across the street from the Botanical Garden, the Olympic Stadium is located about 15 minutes away from Fairmont The Queen Elizabeth and is easily accessible by subway. Visit the Montréal Tower Observatory, located in the highest inclined tower in the world, with its 175 metre elevation and 45-degree angle. Also on-site is the Biodôme, an oasis in the heart of the city. The Montréal Biodôme recreates some of the most beautiful ecosystems of the Americas. For more information on these attractions, visit Olympic Stadium.

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