Dear Colleagues,

We are proud that Montréal, Canada will host the 8th World Congress on Alternatives and Animal Use in the Life Sciences August 21-25, 2011.

Following on from the 7th World Congress Calling on Science, WC8 provides a forum that supports both the ethical use of animals and quality science. In Canada, scientific animal use policy is developed with input from scientists, regulators and the public. This tradition of consensus-building inspired our Congress motto "The Three Rs-Together it's possible".

The goal of WC8 is to bridge the distance between science and policy and to identify opportunities for collaborations. The program includes:

Theme I - Safety and Efficacy Testing of Chemicals, Pharmaceuticals and Biologicals
  • International developments in the Three Rs and regulatory testing
  • Alternative method development, including pharmaceuticals and biologics
  • Translation of data from high throughput tests to risk assessment
Theme II - Policy/Law on Animal Use, Public Engagement and Ethics Review
  • Public participation in animal policy decision making
  • Understanding the term "alternatives"
  • Conflicts between the Three Rs
Theme III - Incorporation of the Three Rs in Education and Training
  • How science is written and published
  • Linking new science (genomics, computational approaches) to alternatives
  • Evaluating the pedagogical merit of animal use
Theme IV - Animal Welfare for Refinement and High Quality Science
  • Linking the Three Rs to animal welfare
  • Farm animal welfare and the Three Rs
  • Wildlife welfare and the Three Rs
Theme V - Replacement and Reduction in Basic Research
  • Identifying emerging sciences and their potential for breakthroughs in replacement in biomedical research
  • Systems biology as the future approach to understanding human (and animal) diseases

We know that participants from many countries have much to contribute. WC8 will provide the opportunity for sharing scientific data, policy knowledge and animal use experiences in order to further global progress in the Three Rs.

Together it is possible. We are looking forward to hearing your voice, your research and your ideas in Montréal 2011.

Clément Gauthier and Herman Koëter, Co-chairs